great gift #2...

a brand-new table, sized just right for little lucy. this table was built by her loving nonno (italian for grandfather) out of redwood, and she's taken to it right away. so much, in fact, that she spent a good 25 minutes during her party just sitting at her table with a small plate of food, watching her guests go about the yard. i think she prefers it much more than her high chair. fine by me--i am always up for a picnic. i have semi-immediate plans of whipping up a couple of tablecloths, one in oilcloth that will be a snap to wipe down and another one with a fancier feel (for all of her fine-dining events). we will also probably see about getting a mini-umbrella to fit the table and keep her protected from the sun while she eats and plays. as for the table itself, we haven't decided whether to paint it or stain it to help prevent it from weathering. we'll see. 
"thank you nonno! for the table AND the cherries!"

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