tried it--korres natural eyeliner pencil

i kept intending to buy the honeybee gardens natural eyeliner after i ran out of my clinique, but never actually got around to it--most sites charged a ridiculous shipping amount, which kind of turned me off to making a purchase altogether. i started looking for something i could get locally, and popped into a sephora while shopping one day. the very helpful salesperson recommended korres eyeliner pencil, which, like the honeybee gardens, has jojoba oil as a main ingredient. i've been using the korres for over a month, and am quite happy with the results. it goes on smoothly and blends a bit for a softer look. it is, however, pricey at $16 a pop, though, and i think i'll try the honeybee gardens next despite high shipping costs, as these pencils are only $7 each. the ingredient lists are similar, but honeybee gardens does seem to be a bit more "whole." i'll let you know how it all shakes out--you know your loyal blogger would never let you down!

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amber said...

i really enjoy the korres under eye cream i use. this is nice to know.