a better binky...

lucy's got a brand-new binky, and while it sure isn't pretty, it's about as eco-friendly as they come.

the ecobinky, by a company called ecopiggy. the (100% recycled paper) packaging states that it's "made from pure rubber from the rubber tree... ecobinky = non toxic + non allergenic." a nice equation. we've been using the gerber nuks, which are bpa free, with a silicone nipple, but the shield of the pacifier is still hard plastic. and since we all know that plastic is neither natural or eco-friendly, (simply for the fact that it does not ever break down into anything less that teeny tiny plastic particles), this pacifier is a great find. in addition, the hard plastic of the gerber nuk leaves markings on lucy's face if she's been sucking on it for more than a few minutes. the ecobinky is soft and smooth, and leaves no marks whatsoever. it's crafted in the eu without the use of chemical softeners, pvc, or phthalates, and is molded as a complete piece, which lowers the choking hazard significantly (the nipple won't separate from the shield during use). fashion accessory it ain't. but i love it anyway.

lucy seems to like it too. the nipple is a bit larger, and i think it stays in her mouth easier. plus, it's made of the same material as sophie the giraffe, her favorite toy. what's not to love there?

i picked up the ecobinky at elephant pharmacy. it was $8.99 for one, which is pretty steep for something so easily lost. but the high price tag has me constantly conscious of where our new binky is--something i can't say about our nuks. i'm embarrassed to admit that we've got at least 10 of them floating around in 3 different diaper bags, my car, and throughout the rooms of our house. why is this? at $4.50 for a 2 pack, they're cheap, and therefore dispensable. there's no real "ouch factor" to misplacing one, or two, or the whole lot. which, in the long run, equates to more plastic being consumed... something that i don't want to be a part of. so i forked over a bit of cash for something better. now i just need this "organic binky bungee" and we'll be good to go!

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Family Time said...

I love your blog. I am trying to be eco friendly, however in an itty bitty redneck logging town...not very many opportunities. I am trying though. Thanks for all the great info!