can i live with you guys???

check out this eco-friendly dollhouse, crafted by a company called smart gear. it comes complete with solar panels, rain barrel, windmill, recycling center and scooter. i think this is just the cutest thing--not that we need it--just that it's so nice to see "green" products geared towards lucy's generation. jeremy and i have often said that most of the changes that we've made as of late (cloth diapering, line drying, recycling some water, refusing plastic, etc.) have been made to get us deep into the habit of being ecologically responsible people. our hope is that by the time lucy is able to make her own day-to-day environmental decisions, the earth-friendly choices will already be second nature.

the dollhouse itself is crafted from rubberwood (a renewable resource) and recycled wood, instead of plastic. were you expecting anything less?

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