our energy bill...

as predicted, our energy bill was on the rise this month. it jumped from $33.86 to--well, i don't know what it jumped to. it appears that the main portion of our statement has gone missing in action. like most things around here (the $8 ecobinky included) i'm sure that it sprouted legs and meandered away on its own. it'll probably turn up on its own good time. but i digress.

anyway, as i recall our gas usage increased by around $1... not too bad considering i used the dryer a handful of times to prep fabric for sewing projects. electricity was another story, jumping nearly $7 in the matter of a single month. gasp. what could it possibly have been? were we sleeping with the lights on? leaving the refrigerator open all day? putting our christmas decorations up early?

no. jeremy reminded me that he'd been charging a few car batteries out in the garage early in the month. he's got some loud, extra-large contraption that he hooks them up to for hours at a time. it's like a maxi version of our AA battery charger. so there's the likely cause of the increase. nevertheless, we're trying to make a more conscious effort at having only 2 lights on in the house during the evenings while we work on random projects, surf the internet, etc. two lights--we each get to pick one.

yes, i am an eco-nerd. and i am dragging my husband along with me.

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Anonymous said...

off the beat from your energy bill..but go to craigslist, washington, seattle-tacoma, olympia and there are 2 happy heiny diapers for 30 dollars