you know what i love about glass?

there's no question as to whether it contains harmful chemicals. there's no worry of heating it, leaving it in the car, sticking it in the dishwasher, scratching it... on and on. the simplicity of glass is absolutely refreshing. which is why all of lucy's bottles are glass. i don't have to give them a second thought, except for the occasional realization that eventually she'll get around to tossing one down on the tile floor. hmmm... a knitted coozie is soon to be needed around these parts!

there's tons of information to be found online regarding the chemical bpa and it's presence in bottles, sippy cups, baby plates, cutlery, etc. i won't regurgitate it all here--canada has pretty much summed up the main idea by working to ban the sale of all baby bottles containing bpa.

thankfully, many companies have responded to consumer outrage over recent bpa findings. even more thankfully, there are great people out in the blogesphere that care enough to contact companies that manufacture baby feeding gear, do tons of research, and compile their findings into an easy-to-navigate format. enter the site zrecs.com. i happened to be doing a few google searches tonight for something related (checking on the presence of bpa in avent sippy attachments for the kleen kanteen--safe, by the way) and found an entire section of the site archives devoted to the massive job of listing out companies according to their use of bpa. the information can be accessed by clicking here. it's extremely helpful to anyone looking to buy feeding products for a baby or toddler--if you've ever stood in front of the feeding display at a place like target, searching for important information that's simply not available, then you know just how frustrating this area of consumerism can be.

now we just need a site for grown-ups too!

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