getting ready to party...

someone that i adore is having a half-birthday soon. any guesses as to who it might possibly be?

she's come a long way, this girl. a six-month birthday, right around the corner. it's a milestone worth celebrating. so i've been hard at work, crafting her up a little something special.

my first attempt at both quilting and sock-creature making. i'm pretty pleased with how both came out. the elephant was crafted from a pair of socks following direction from the book sock and glove. the quilt i pieced together using scrap fabric left over from my diaper-making frenzy. piecing the quilt together wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it would be, but i did screw up on the binding--3 times. instead of removing my mistakes, i stitched over them with a new layer of binding. the end result left me with a very stiff edge--this quilt is definitely not cuddle-able. just as well--we've happened to have recently lost a vintage mini-quilt that i kept in the diaper bag for lucy sit on while out and about, so this one can take the place of it. and i'll try my hand at lovey-making again sometime very soon. she's got a quilted lovey made by a good friend of my mom that she is really starting to take to, but i think it's a good idea to have one waiting in the wings, just in case!

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jollymae said...

Love it! My little girl just hit the 6 month marker too...it's so hard to watch them grow sooo fast!

I love to quilt (don't have the free time lately), but if you go to a local quilting store the ladies are usually wonderful helpers and teachers - I'm sure they could help you with your binding to make it not so stiff on future projects. I got so frustrated with the binding on my first quilt that I made my mom do it for me!