a little taste of summer...

before it fades away entirely. true to form, the best weather in the san francisco bay area hits right about now--just after summer has officially passed. we've had a good string of very pleasant days: not too hot and not too cold. morning fog and evening fog have disappeared, and the wind off of the bay has subsided for a bit. now if we could only do something about the shortening of days!

still, taking a walk through the farmer's market this past weekend is a reminder that autumn has officially arrived. stone fruits are beginning to lose gusto, the raspberries and blueberries have all but disappeared, and apples and winter squash are popping up all over the place. we sought out one lone peach from a pile of rock-hard, fairly tasteless fruits, with the intent of using it on pizza for dinner this week. this is a new recipe that i am simply loving. we had peach pizza one afternoon at the cheeseboard pizza collective in berkeley about a month back, and it was practically to die for. so good that we were inspired to make it ourselves at home. if you've still got peaches hanging around in your area, give this recipe a go... you won't regret it!

summer peach pizza:

spray pizza pan liberally with olive oil, and sprinkle with cornmeal. spread dough out thinly (we use trader joes plain dough if we don't make our own). rub dough liberally with olive oil, and top with 1 super-thinly sliced peach, a small sliced red onion, and a handful of fresh spinach, minced into long strips. top with crumbled feta cheese and sprinkle with a bit of pepper. bake at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes or till crust is good and crunchy. so good. ours tonight was actually missing the onion--but still delicious. i'm looking forward to tomorrow's lunch!

p.s. best when served with a cold beer!

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bethy said...

oh my, i made this last night for dinner and not only was it super quick and easy but it was soooo yummy. andrew and i had 2 slices each, then i though about it all night and had another 2 slices for breakfast (haha i couldnt even wait for lunch) andrew must have had the same idea because its gone now, good thing i bought 2 pizza doughs!! thanks for the great recipe, i will be sure to pass it on