lucy LOVES sophie...

please meet sophie the giraffe.

made from all-natural rubber and decorated with food-grade paints, sophie is a natural alternative to plastic baby teethers. with a hollow inside, she's soft and malleable, which i imagine must be very nice to toothless gums. she's also quite easy to grip--take a look at that nice long neck and those four skinny legs. the ears and horns are great for detail-oriented chompers, and those rosy cheeks are awfully cheeful, too.

i know what you're thinking... sophie kinda looks like a dog toy. well, get this--sophie has a squeaker, which means she sounds like a dog toy too. but at about $20 each, i wouldn't be handing over sophie to any dog, no matter how much they promised to behave.

no, sophie is a baby toy. i've spotted her now and again in other mother's diaper bags, at baby boutiques, and most recently in a catalog for land of nod... someone seems to be gaining popularity! as a general rule, we don't leave home without our little giraffe. at a friend's home a few weeks back, i was interested to learn that sophie is hugely popular in france (she's crafted in the french alps), and that practically all french babies have a sophie of their very own. this tidbit was told to me by a woman who lived in france, and came to california not long before having children of her own. once she knew she was pregnant, she called home and asked friends to ship over a sophie immediately!

as a new mom (who swore that there would be NO plastic toys in the house) i'll be the first to admit that it's pretty difficult to find age-appropriate toys that aren't made of plastic, or that aren't made in china. or, most commonly both. i've often found myself having to pick and choose (plastic made in germany, israel, etc) or turn a blind eye (brightly-colored plastic stacking cups that lucy really seems to enjoy). it's absolutely refreshing to find a safe, all-natural, eco-friendly, french-made, handcrafted teether that lucy gets excited about. (watching a 5 month old baby get excited is like nothing else!)

sophie was given to us as a shower gift from lucy's lovely cousin shannon. i can't think of another toy that i would go and rebuy if we were to have lost it. but for sophie, without a doubt, i would.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I linked to it in my blog. I recently bought a Sophie for my baby and can't wait to introduce it!