take that, baby einstein...

lucy at the san francisco museum of modern art a couple of weeks ago. moma offers free admission on the first tuesday of every month, so i took her on a bit of a field trip. i wasn't expecting too much in the way of excitement (she's still a baby, after all) but was charmed to see her very much engaged in room after room of bright colors, patterns, textures, and graphic blacks & whites. her favorite work seemed to be this amazing, floor-to-ceiling piece, which was composed completely from fabric flower petals. don't let the picture fool you, the museum was as crowded as crowded can be (seeing as how admission was free and all). this photo took some quick work on my part, and cheerful participation from my budding museum-goer! but i so wanted to document lucy's little introduction to art--i'm proud to say that instead of plopping her in front of a baby einstein cd to experience matisse and monet, she's now seen the real deal. the idea kind of goes hand-in-hand with our no-tv experiment, which has now blossomed into our no-tv way of life... good things are happening around here. our garage is getting cleaned out. we're eating dinner as a family, seated at the kitchen table. jeremy is working on his new (old) truck, while i'm working on my first quilt as a gift to lucy for her half-year birthday. and neither jeremy or myself can name off any current crappy commercials. as with the san francisco moma, cutting out the tube comes highly recommended.


Katie said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

oh, erin. this one made me laugh out loud with total joy.

wish in my heart of hearts someone had documented my first interaction with art.

you are so good.