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i'm finally going though a stack of booklets and papers that i got out at the slow food nation festival in san francisco awhile back. talk about information overload... expect a lot of food related posts in the coming days. one majorly delightful find has been a website guide dedicated to helping people find "good" food locally. "good," in this sense, is of course local, sustainable, humanely raised, and organic whenever possible. plugging in a zip code generates a search-- mine reveals 6 bakers, 137 restaurants, 4 butchers, 4 farmers, 55 stores, 12 caterers, 62 farmer's markets and 3 personal chefs within a 20 mile radius. not bad--but lots of them are in san francisco--and i don't tend to get out that way much. a narrower search (10 miles) found 4 caterers, 12 stores, 6 farmer's markets, and 33 restaurants. no bakeries! sigh...

the eat well website (which you can access by clicking here) also has an awesome "road trip" feature. by working with google maps, it allows users to plug in starting and destination points--and pulls up any "good" food along the way. isn't the internet amazing? oh and apparently this site is functional for canada too--i know i've got a couple of loyal canadian readers so this made me think of you guys!

the site also boasts a list of what each state grows throughout the year. looking ahead, i can see this will be a winter full of broccoli, mushrooms, greens of all kinds, mandarins, avocados, and grapefruit. i am missing berries already!

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Destin Joy Layne said...

Hello! Destin from the Eat Well Guide here. Happy that you found your way to us. If any of you know some great local food spots that we're missing, please add them to our Guide.

And for those loyal readers...they can also download a free digital copy of that book you have, Cultivating the Web, on our site at www.eatwellguide.org.

I love your site. Keep up the great writing, and maybe you can contribute to our Green Fork Blog sometime. Cheers, Destin