every time...

i start to think i'm getting a handle on the whole GMO thing, i learn something new. i just finished up reading about genetically-modified sugar beets, which have recently entered the american food supply. these sugar beets are "roundup ready," meaning that they have been genetically altered to accept roundup herbicides without ill-effect. the sugar that comes from these beets is commonly used in place of cane sugar.

unless labeled organic or sweetened with 100% cane sugar, there's a good chance any given food item (such as chocolate) contains GM beet sugar. therefore, it's again best to buy organic whenever possible.

non-organic baking powder is also commonly GM. as is powdered sugar. click here for the full list of "invisible ingredients."

in related happenings, did you catch the first episode of jaime oliver's food revolution? the full episode is also up on hulu.com if you didn't--it seems like it's going to be a good show. yeah, there's some drama-type stuff going on (alice the lunch lady is jamie's worst nightmare, jaime cries, etc.), but let's face it--if it doesn't have the drama factor, america won't watch. and america needs to watch this. hopefully it gets some people fired up.

as you probably know, we've been t.v. free here quite awhile. but i'll be tuning into this one via the internet--it's the first time in over 2 years that a show has captured my interest enough to warrant dedicated watching. besides weeds, that is. i do so love my weeds.

that's all i've got for now. jeremy just made more cookies. with non-GMO sugar. smart guy.


Lillian said...

I watched it online tihs week, too, and loved it. Definitely drama, but I LOVE so much that there was such a focus on school lunch in the first episode.

Meghan said...

i will definitely have to watch. thanks for the suggestion. p.s. i am a little jealous of your cookie making husband ;)