had for sixty-nine cents...

the rainy-day blues of this past friday inspired us to take a trip to our local, dirt-cheap thrift store. it's the thrift store that always feels a little rough around the edges. the "ick factor" can be pretty high, but many a bargain can be found with a little dedicated sifting. and sure enough, we came home with a few things to love.

check out this vintage alice in wonderland pop-up book. in perfect condition, for a mere 69 cents. i couldn't believe it--i flipped through, sure that i'd come across a destroyed page. but there were no rips or tears, and all pop-up pieces were working! a pleasant surprise for sure. there's no copyright date to be found (i think the book was part of a larger set) but it's got a real sixties/seventies vibe going on. lucy thinks it's groovy.

also purchased: this stack of clothes for little hudson. we happened to hit "half-off" day, luckily enough. grand total for 9 shirts and 1 pair of pants? $3.90. most of the items were baby gap and children's place. can't beat that for affordability!