we're back...

any ideas as to where we took our family vacation?

disneyland was too, too fun. i had some reservations about how it would go with "two under two," but the kids were stars. we had very few meltdowns overall--i was mightily impressed. we traveled with friends with their own "two under two" brood, and good times were had by all. i personally had not been to the park since i was 12--18 years ago! lots has changed, but much is still the same. here are a few things that struck me:

~ healthy food choices abound. we packed all of our own food, but i was surprised with the amount of fresh fruit for sale around the park. several carts also offered organic fruit snacks for the kiddos, and fresh juice. impressive.

~ cleanest petting zoo in the world. swear.

~ the baby care center just off of main street has the sweetest tiny potties for toddlers. it also has a super-wide, flushable basin for dunking cloth diapers (an original fixture from the fifties).

~ jiminey cricket encourages recycling:

~ finally, the "it's a small world" ride is nothing short of absolutely charming. especially when your toddler is sitting at the edge of her seat, eyes open wide, clapping along with the music. hands down, best thing at the park. at least in this mama's opinion.


Mama Christina said...

Thanks for this overview! We're taking our (then 13 month old) toward the end of April - this was really helpful!

Twigs @ Twiggles and Trunks said...

we're going next month, first time for my 3.5 year old & 1.5 year old. i am so excited!