pretty little things...

yesterday i had the pleasure of thrift shopping with my good friend molly (along with our total of 4 kids--none over the age of 2.5-- in tow). molly always manages to bring good luck to any secondhand-shopping excursion. she also brings snacks. a nice girl, she is.

anyhow, lots was found yesterday. but what made me squeal with the most delight was stumbling (literally, as i tried to retrieve a non-cart-sitting lucy from the depths of the linens section) across these vintage wooden hangers. they're done up in a gorgeous array of pastel colors--perfect for springtime. it's a little springtime celebration for my closet--a welcome reward for all of the cleaning i've been up to.

three dozen hangers for $3. i just love the fact that someone once had the time (and energy) to crochet covers for these hangers. this is likely because i have very little of either time or energy to speak of, but i digress.

the hangers were soaked in a bath of warm water and dr. bronner's soap, swished around a bit, then hung to dry in the sun. as molly said (with some distaste), "they look like they came from an old person's house." and that's exactly why i love them so!


just a mama... said...

I love seeing all the great things you get at thrift shops, and find myself thinking, 'i can't go thrift shopping with 2 under 2!' but then remember you are in the same boat. so, what are your tips? i can't get through a quick grocery store trip without my 18 month old going crazy!

erin said...

just a mama--

FOOD! lots of food. i wear hudson in the ergo, lucy (usually) rides in the cart and i keep her busy with snacks she doens't get all the time--organic fruit leather, popcorn, maybe even a juice box. at thrift shops, i also usually let lucy play with some of the toys while seated in the big part of the cart. she especially likes looking at books--we just make sure to put everything back where it belongs. (and i usually buy her something small).

the more you do it, the easier it gets. also remember that you can always leave if a meldown occurs--sometimes it's just unavoidable!

Anonymous said...

Erin, I still think you are crazy for loving those 'ol hangers! ~Molly

Molly said...

From another Molly...I find it quite humorous that you love such hangers...come to the midwest and you could probably find them ALL over! :)