we are cookie monsters...

really and truly. when given the choice between cupcakes and cookies (jeremy was in the mood for baking last week--not once, but twice!) i will always choose cookies. especially those of the chocolate chip variety. the proposed cupcakes even had alcohol in them, for goodness sakes. but i'm a cookie girl, through and through. lucy follows suit, as you can see:

jeremy and lucy make a good baking team. she's game to dump in all of the ingredients; he does the careful measuring. they did let me sift the dry ingredients with our new (old) sifter that we picked up out at the antique fair a few weeks ago. we used the cookie recipe in alton brown's good eats--the early years cookbook. these were definitely one of the best chocolate chip cookies we've had around here for awhile. big, puffy, cake-y cookies that called for the use of an ice-cream scoop to get them onto the pan. yeah, they were big! yum!

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