spring trickery...

with the sun shining brightly in the sky, i was motivated to get the diapers out on the line yesterday. no easy task--i had 48 diapers to hang, along with a few other things. in fact, i spent the majority of hudson's naptime getting them all up. no matter, they looked pretty cute hanging there in the yard, and several were in dire need of some sunlight to remove stains.

the bummer came when i went out around 5 o'clock to take them off of the line. not dry. i guess it's still too early to count on outdoor line drying exclusively. maybe in another month or so. so i popped them into the dryer--they came out after 15 minutes or so, and were nice and soft which is hard to get off the line.

for those wondering, 48 diapers is about 3.5 days worth. yeah, he's a busy guy, that hudson bear. but that's alright. we're pretty sure we'll keep him.

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Jackie said...

I love pictures of diapers hanging on the line to dry in the sun....there is something so...pretty about it. :)