farm box friday...

in our box today...

3 navel oranges
2 golden delicious apples
2 pears
2 tangerines
2 pink lady apples
1 fuji apple
1 lemon
green cauliflower
red chard
2 lbs red potatoes
broccoli crowns
1 bunch carrots
1 lb red onions

lucy began devouring the broccoli as soon as i opened the box. i'm not a raw broccoli kind of girl, but she seems to love it uncooked. more power to her for that!

stew is on the menu for the coming week, with grass fed beef which i've got in the freezer. not sure what to do with the cauliflower--directions for roasting were included in the farm notes, so perhaps i'll give that a go.

i used about half of our farm box potatoes this afternoon in making bread--specifically, a potato and roasted garlic loaf. i used the cookbook "artisan bread in 5 minutes a day," which was gifted to me by a very generous reader--thanks again renee! we're on carbohydrate-overload around here trying out a bunch of divine pizzas and breads--i haven't even tapped into the sweets & pastries section of the book yet. more to come on all of this in a later post.

lastly, the farm notes mentioned that asparagus is near-ready for harvest. i'm greatly looking forward to our next delivery--asparagus is one of my favorites, stinky pee and all. did you know it takes 3 years before an asparagus plant is ready for harvest? neither did i. kind of explains why people don't typically grow it in their backyards...


Anonymous said...

I like to steam the cauliflower in a small amount of water. I then take the cauliflower and the water and puree it together. I use the puree in making white sauce. small amount of butter, 1 tsp og flour and slowly add the cauliflower in place of milk. then add shredded cheese I then pour this over noodles or broccolli. so very yummy!! Can't tell it's made with veggies.


Stacy said...

the most decadent cauliflower recipe in the world, THE WORLD http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/02/cauliflower-and-caramelized-onion-tart/

Molly said...

I've fallen in love with this cauliflower soup http://mollycrockercooking.blogspot.com/2010/01/cauliflower-soup.html