lucy's first knife...

did you catch jaime oliver's food revolution last week? i won't go into all of the details of the episode, but there was a segment that dealt with kids in schools not getting to use actual utensils--rather, they are given a plastic spork and left to make it work. they're often served lots of foods that can be eaten out of hand: pizzas, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc., which don't require utensils in the first place.

i had picked up a 29-cent, pint-sized knife while thrifting on friday. the food revolution episode made me realize that i should start giving lucy a knife at meals--even though her food doesn't need actual cutting, there's no harm in letting her start practicing.

lucy had loads of fun today cutting dough while i rolled out pretzels. if it seems like we're always working with dough around here, well, it's because we are. bread, pretzels, bagels, crackers, pizzas. making all this stuff from scratch can be time consuming--it's work. but it's also the kind of work that can be considered play. with the proper utensils, of course.


Soyager said...

I saw Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and the segment about utensils was the most appalling of the entire show. More so the fact that school administration thought it was a hassle or dangerous to offer the students utensils. The entire show just made me even more jaded about public education in general. *sigh*

Thankfully, the cute pics of Lucy cheered me right up! :D

lar1203 said...

Love your new blog header! And of course the pictures of Lucy.
We may have to give Devin a knife to practice with, too!

luvlieK - Kelly said...

Caedan loves "cutting" with his knife. We have been giving him a knife and fork since about 1 year.