you're not drinking bottled water, right?

no, no. i know you're all reading this while sipping from your klean kanteens and sigg bottles. but perhaps you know someone who is still a bottled water addict. if so, pass this video on.

i had no idea about recycled bottles being sent to india for "downcycling." facts such as these really serve as a reminder--of the "3 r's," reducing our personal consumption is by far the most important.


Renee said...

i blogged this today too. i think they did a great job.

heybubba said...

hahah, i actually AM reading this while drinking from my kk!

Valerie said...

I don't know if you've watched this documentary but I accidentally stumbled across it one day while it was on one of my movie channels. It's called "Addicted to Plastic". They touch on a lot of what was said in that video. If I remember correctly, they even travel to India to show the amount of plastic dumped over there.

Here is a link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daSFXZT-HYk

Love your blog by the way! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on all things green :)

John Lee said...

I just built an addition to my home with all of the 2x4"s made of recycled PETE bottles. My rug is the same I am told.

FYI - I had ther opportunity to see a broken water main here in Yonkers NY . The main was 12" wide and there was 7-8" of black gunk that our puplic water passes through. A picture I will never forget.