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nearly a week without a computer, and we're finally back on track. honestly, the week went much quicker than i thought it would--besides the now-and-again moments of turning to google something and seeing an empty space where our computer usually sits, the technology break was more or less a good one. 

it brought me to thinking about things that we think we need, when in actuality, they only make our lives a bit more complicated. sure, the internet has its definite uses--weather and driving directions at the touch of a button are things that i found myself missing--but overall, the internet for me can be a total time suck. i'll pop on to check my email, get sidetracked by clicking a link or two, and before you know it an hour has passed, the kids are awake and the laundry still needs to be folded. 

giving up television nearly 3 years ago started in much the same fashion. i worried that we'd miss it too much, and then was surprised when i really didn't miss it at all. i simply found better things to do with my time, and the need to catch up on beauty and the geek, charm school or rock of love (i was a true reality t.v. junkie, people) faded away without much suffering on my part. 

this week, without the internet to keep me occupied, i set about devouring a few books that i scored at a garage sale last weekend. first up was julie & julia (tons better than the movie--and i happened to like the movie), and as soon as i finished that up, i dove into the omnivore's dilemma, by michael pollan. well, truth be told i stared with pollan's in defense of food, but then thought better of it and decided to read them in the order of publication. 

more coming on these two books soon. i'm not quite yet finished, and my head is seriously swirling with information--good and bad. for now i can only say this: though i'm terrifically proud of the changes we've made in our diets over the past few years, especially within recent months, i think we can do even better. we're planning on a big garden this summer--and hopefully doing some gardening in the fall and winter as well. that will help to get us further on the right track. we've simply got to find a source for local dairy--or visit some of the farms that provide milk & such to stores that are available to us. if i have to get a cow, i will--and i am only half-joking. 

side note, about the garage sale where i scored the books--both the pollan books were priced quite high--$4 & $5 apiece. craziness, right? well, i felt okay about paying that much when i spotted a box of used cloth diapers--mostly fuzzibuns pockets and a few prefolds. i think there were about 15 diapers in all. i asked how much--i was purchasing them for a friend--and was shocked when she told me $5 for the box. they were well-loved, but still in very functional shape. you cloth diapering mamas will surely appreciate my score, but i can't for the life of me figure how a $20 book and what was formerly $200 of diapers could possibly be priced the same. go figure. the lady also threw in a darling little pint-sized ironing board & metal play iron for lucy, so we were quite pleased with our haul, overpriced books notwithstanding. 

what else is new? the baby chicks are growing fast and developing silly little personalities that are unique and charming. we took them out to the grass this afternoon and let them roam around for a bit--quite a treat to little souls that have only ever seen the inside of a plywood box, save a few minutes of being let out to tiptoe around our living room. we called over the older birds, who took a gaze at the babies, turned and strutted off again in search of bugs. they were not impressed, to say the least. 

i'm excited for a large consignment sale tomorrow morning--the moms of multiples club in our area puts one on twice a year. i've had success at this sale in the past and am hoping for some summer clothing scores for both lucy & hudson, along with perhaps a few new (used) toys--someone i know has a birthday coming up at the end of this month. can you believe it?

we have been cooking and baking as usual. i have loads of pictures to share, but have been slow to get them onto the computer. i leave you with this word of advise: back up your files. you never know when technology is going to take you for a ride!

have a great weekend, all! 

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Glad you are back, I enjoy reading your blog.

I came across this idea today and thought of you for some reason