trash talk: saturday...


unbleached coffee filter and grounds (this is on my mother's day wish list)
2 eggshells
leftover pasta
a dustpan full of "house dirt" (where does this stuff come from???)
old lettuce
potato pieces (the cast-off bits from the potatoes we cut up to plant)
dinner scraps--peelings and ends of zuchinni, sweet potatos and onions

curbside recycling:

bill envelope & inserts (we pay some of our bills online, but could certainly do more)
instant oatmeal wrapper
gallon milk jug
cardboard box
2 paper price tags from thrifted pillowcases
salsa container
conditioner bottle
1 piece of mail
3 beer bottles
a bit of foil from a wine bottle
paper bags (from roofing materials--jeremy is building a shed in our backyard)
what do you call that strand of plastic that attaches the price tag to the clothes? two of those.


ricotta cheese container


fruit leather wrapper
ice cream container
cheese wrapper
plastic packaging from a garage sale find (2 pairs of new baby booties)
2 twist ties
three small pieces of plastic
an earplug
bubble wrap (from 6 vintage glasses that were being stored in our garage)
kid's organic clif bar wrapper
2 packages of polaroid film (that had been sitting in our garage for 6 years, and didn't work when we tried it in my new-to-me polariod camera. such a waste!)
2 adhesive-backed labels soaked off of glass jars
2 strands of floss

that's it for today. food packaging is proving itself a significant part of our waste. ideally i'd love to get to the point where we are making all of our own yogurt, snack bars, fruit leather, ice cream etc. i'm just not sure i have the time. we do make a large portion of our food from scratch--so much so that i feel as though i'm always cooking something. the mixer is about to take up permanent residence on our counter, because i'm tired of lugging it back and forth from its place on the shelf.

i digress. we could do better. and we will. at some point. soon, i hope. perhaps we'll start with ice cream?

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The Wife said...

I also have difficulty finding time for scratch foods, especially snacks like fruit leathers. There is only so much time with 2 under 2!