trash talk: wednesday...

let me tell you--writing down every piece of waste that leaves the valleygirl home is totally starting to get old. anyway.


banana peel
broom dirt
vacuum dirt
a bunch of wilted cilantro
coffee filter & grounds
lunch waste--we ate at a play cafe. they compost all paper, even coffee cups. our waste included one cup (i forgot my reusable), 3 sheets of waxed paper and 2 napkins


paper (list for trash talk friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday)
cream container (not 100% sure that this was actually recyclable)
clothing tag (lucy got some like-new pink converse!)
tons of junk mail (wednesday is our grocery store mailing day--we get at least 6 big ads from local grocery chains. anyone know how to get off of this list?)
2 catalogs (we hardly ever get catalogs anymore after using catalogchoice.org)
plastic from lucy's lunch fruit cup
a paper lunch bag not suitable for reuse




fabric scraps
twist tie
produce sticker
yogurt cup (stonyfield yogurt is a number 6 and not recyclable here. we no longer buy them, but this one was given to us).
fruit leather packaging
misc. plastic wrapping from some craft items i needed (making lucy's birthday present)

well, you know the drill. i'll be back tomorrow with more.

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