trash talk: thursday...

a week of trash tallying has come to a close. i, for one, could not be happier. though i must admit, writing down every single piece of waste used by our family gave me a much-heightened awareness regarding what we're using and what we're wasting. i've got lots more to say on the subject, but it'll have to wait--lucy turns 2 tomorrow and i'm off to put finishing touches (read: start from scratch) her birthday gifts. nothing like waiting till the last minute?

here's the breakdown for today:


coffee filter & grounds
1 eggshell
bruised apple (i'm now thinking i could have made a bit of applesauce for hudson with it)
moldy strawberries
beet greens (didn't feel like using them)
6 cherry tomatoes
half a lime
2 banana peels
salami skin
3 strawberry tops
dinner scraps: asparagus bottoms & broccoli stalks


sour cream container
lunch container (we got takeout pasta salad from the market before hitting the park)


oatmeal wrapper
juice container
7 glass jars (cleaned out the fridge door)
strawberry container
yogurt top
beer bottle
various receipts (from the pocket of my ergo)
pasta sauce jar
junk mail
bill envelope


jelly beans
old feta cheese in plastic wrapper
old razor cartridge & package from new cartridge
2 fruit leather packages
broken hair clip
pasta bag
cheese wrapper (farmer's market ricotta)
plastic bag not suitable for reuse

that's it! i'm off to get crafty...


Anonymous said...

with all the plastic wrapping, those are easily recyled at grocery stores. I know we have a huge bin that all of our plastic wrapping goes into. doesn't matter what kind it is. I would aslo suggest wal-mart. they have a plastic bin that you can dump plastic wrapping into.

tagskie said...

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DieselMonkey said...

just wondering...why can't you compost the jelly bean or feta cheese?

i just found out we have curbside recycling so i'm thinking about starting....