trash talk: sunday...

a light day today. probably because we were out of the house from breakfast until dinnertime! here's the breakdown...


4 eggshells
tangerine peel
paper bag
farmer's market snack scraps (strawberry and carrot tops, toothpicks, orange rinds)
dinner scraps (peeling of carrot, asparagus bottoms)
4 leaves of wilted lettuce
apple core
asian pear core


aluminum yogurt lid
cardboard box (butter)
3 beer bottles


yogurt container
2 strawberry baskets (i've got to get better at not accepting these, or bringing them back to the vendors for reuse. they also make great protection for just-started seedlings, but i've got a stockpile in my gardening shed and don't need any more).


plastic packaging from farmer's market soap
bubble mailer
2 broken rubber bands
2 strands of floss
potato chip bag
2 squares of waxed paper (food sample at the market)

jeremy thought i was nuts for tallying up every bit of waste at the farmer's market, but he still played along. good guy. on a side note--i couldn't believe how many people were using plastic bags provided by vendors at the market. i thought the word was out that plastic bags are totally uncool? sigh.

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