trash talk: monday & tuesday...

i know you're all on the edge of your seats wondering what i threw away yesterday, right? well, i headed to bed early last night, so today's post is a double dose:


4 eggshells
coffee filter & grounds x 2
3 artichokes (minus the parts that we ate)
moldy strawberries (grrr...)
3 banana peels
carrot peels
burned chard (oops)
7 apple cores (jeremy made the crisp)
orange rind
lemon rind
a dustpan full of house dirt
a vacuum-canister full of house dirt
4 teabags


2 ripped book jackets (thank you lucy)
olive oil bottle
a broken drinking glass (thank you lucy)
beer box
cracker box
various papers & receipts (cleaning out my car)
butter box
medicine packaging (poor hudson has thrush)


ricotta cheese container


wrapper from farmer's market sausages
broken dog bowl & accompanying food (thank you lucy--seriously, she was on a roll yesterday)
plastic package from frozen blueberries (we made muffins)
plastic wrapper from new olive oil bottle
chip bag
inner packaging from cracker box
plastic bag
2 clif kids z bar wrappers (from car)
fruit leather wrapper
dryer lint

a note about the dryer lint--a couple of you mentioned that dryer lint is compostable. we used to compost it, then stopped after i read that dryer lint contains chemicals from the fibers of clothing, as well as chemicals from the detergents. we do use biodegradable detergents, so i'm not worried about that, but since our clothing is not organic cotton (and cotton is one of the top genetically modified crops) i stopped viewing dryer lint as a compostable item.



lar1203 said...

good point about the dryer lint. i always throw ours outside for the birds to make nests. maybe i shouldn't do that anymore...

DieselMonkey said...

i've heard you can use it as a stuffing/batting. but i suppose not good for a chewing little one. maybe for a decorative stuffed item...