seed starting...

we're pretty late in the game, just getting around to starting the seeds for our summer garden. but, we here at the valley girl home subscribe to the belief "better late than never." and as it turns out, all should be well. the seeds we planted last week are popping up all over the place this week. nature never ceases to amaze.

we used an old wagon to start the seeds in, and will transfer the seedlings to raised beds as soon as they're big enough. having never done a garden from seed before, i'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. we got our seeds from high mowing, an independent retailer of all-organic seeds. big selection, good prices. shipping a little high, but i suppose they want to minimize the amount of time that the seeds are exposed to heat and moisture in transit.


lucy rushes out to see the seeds popping through the soil and her excitement is contagious. we've also purchased the strawberry plants for this year--24 of them, to be exact. i told lucy we'd have a big berry patch, and i wasn't lying!

happy growing!

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