what we're looking forward to...

this upcoming sunday, our little family will be touring a bunch of local farms on the sonoma farm trail. read more about it here. baby goats, apple crisp, lessons on how to keep bees for honey--what's not to look forward to? expect lots of pictures documenting our daytrip to come! lucy is thrilled at the idea of meeting a few baby cows and goats, while i'm hoping to source out a few new spots for grass-fed beef and to hopefully learn more about how our local dairy farms operate. 

i've just wrapped up reading michael pollan's the omnivore's dilemma, so this is a timely outing for us. especially since noticing that our organic milk (both the trader joe's and one of the local varieties which i can find in better stores) has the addition of dry powdered milk on the ingredients list. this powdered milk can come from as far away as new zealand, where raising pastured cows is much cheaper. but considering the true cost--as the powdered milk is then shipped halfway around the world--the other local variety i can get (at just under $8 gallon) is actually a much more sustainable product. and probably more nutritious for us, too. 

so i've got questions, and i hope to get some answers. plus snuggle a baby calf. and eat a lot of goat cheese. :)