am i stinky?

after learning that the active ingredient found in most anti-perspirants (aluminum) is linked to alzheimer's disease, i decided to give up my asian pear-scented standby in search of something less hazardous to my health. let me start by saying that i'm not the most active person in the world, but i do work up a sweat from time to time. after reading tons of mixed reviews on all sorts of aluminum-free deodorants, i decided to try the crystal stick.

made from 100% natural minerals, this crystal thing is basically like a clear rock in the shape of a deodorant bar. you wet it and rub it under your arms. no fragrance or anything. it's supposed to keep you from stinking, not from sweating. but before i made the switch, i took a few days off from deodorant altogether. while i was camping, no less. i'd read and heard on many occasions that ceasing the use of anti-perspirants and deodorants often results in the following: 2-3 days of super stinky wetness as chemicals work their way out of the body... eventually tapering off into less stinky wetness... which eventually tapers off into no stink at all. just wetness. which can be combated most naturally with baking soda.

anyway, i figured camping was the perfect time to be stinky. dipping in and out of the river all day, it truly wasn't noticeable. could it be? all this time using deodorant and deodorant was what was making me stinky? hmmm. in fact, one of my most non-stinky friends told me (while jogging at the river) that she never uses anything under her arms. i also heard julia roberts say the same thing on oprah. swear.

the crystal stick was already en route to my house though, so when it arrived i decided to give it a go. i've been using it for about 10 days now. it's a little strange, wetting it and putting it on. but i don't find myself sweating or stinking too much. and i've been hanging laundry, going on walks, etc. i mean, i haven't run a marathon or anything, but i think this stuff is working. i actually forgot to put it on today in my rush out the door and did notice the difference. and at $5.99, this thing is a total bargain... as 1 stick is supposed to last a year or more.

a couple trips to the gym would put this stick to the true test. but the gym is so not on my agenda. however, if you know me, and see me, and find that i smell, please tell me. do not let me be walking around in this world with stink!


T.J. and Jen said...

I'm loving the crystal stick as well! Just wanted to pop in and say I really enjoy your blog. :)

DomerJen from the Nest

ring.and.rose said...

i bought a crystal stick after our dinner last night! i'm going to try it today.

i love how you do the research, and i just get on board.


thank you.

kellenberger89 said...

As I said in another comment that I am new to your blog so I am catching up. I have used a crystal for about 8-10 years. I started out with the rock, but have since gone to the liquid in a recyclable bottle. I found that I would scratch myself with the rock frequently. Like you I have noticed that I can go a day or so without anything and not be stinky as long as I just us some soap and H2O under my arms. Great stuff!!