tried it: preserve toothbrush...

dang. i wanted to love this sooooo bad.

the idea behind the preserve toothbrush is awesome. the plastic handle is made from recycled yogurt cups (#5 plastic, which is not accepted in many communities, including my own). nice, right? well, it gets even better. when you're done with your toothbrush, visit the preserve website and download a prepaid mailing label to send it back to the company. there, it will be recycled again, this time into plastic lumber... the same stuff our deck is made from.

did i mention that i wanted to love this toothbrush???

unfortunately, i found the bristles way too soft for my taste. the handle feels kinda cheapy too. i felt like i was using a hotel toothbrush... the kind you get for free if you forget your own. the kind you're happy to throw away after only 3 days. no bells, no whistles. no tri-level, colored bristles that indicate the life left in your brush. you know the type.

here's the thing though. before i bought the preserve, i was using an electric toothbrush. it was the most eco-friendly option that i could find, since only the heads need to be replaced and it runs on rechargeable batteries. as an added bonus, it gets my teeth super clean feeling. so i might be unfairly judging the poor preserve. it could just me me... i must admit i've been told (by my loving husband) that i brush my teeth too hard. jeremy seems to like his preserve just fine.

i urge people to try the preserve toothbrush and see for themselves. at a couple of dollars each, it's certainly an affordable product. if you don't like it, send it back and move on to something else. right? right.

by the way, preserve sells lots of other products made from 100% recycled plastics... razors, tongue scrapers, flavored toothpicks (crafted from sustainably harvested birch... the container that holds them is recycled plastic). also from preserve: reusable plates, cups and cutlery. for the kitchen: cutting boards, mixing bowls and more. see the whole line for yourself by clicking here. all items are made in the usa, and stuff can be found at shops like whole foods, trader joe's, elephant pharmacy and target. what a great company. support them if you can!


nick_price said...

I got one of these for free, they were giving them away for earth day and i would have to agree that it was simply not a good toothbrush. But i've also been told that i brush my teeth too hard. I've kept it though and i use it as a travel toothbrush sine it comes in a cool little case

erin said...

you brush too hard also? hmm. we must be related.