the energy audit...

was kind of a letdown.

three young guys showed up at my door. they came in, and, in a whirlwind of lightbulbs and showerheads, were gone before i knew it. this was definitely not the 2-hour, in-depth assessment that i was picturing in my mind. they didn't look at the caulking, weatherstripping or appliances. basically they replaced a few lightbulbs (we have mostly cfl's throughout the house anyway), changed out the showerhead with a low flow model, and put an aerator on the bathroom faucet. as they were leaving i gently mentioned that we had a 2nd bathroom in the bedroom. so they made similar improvements there. i asked about the attic insulation (was told when i signed up for the program that qualifying homes can get new insulation on the cheap) and the guys sighed and poked around a bit up there. i was told we qualify, but they didn't mention how to go about getting it done.

they left me with a paper that instructed me to clean the back of my fridge and turn off the lights when not in use. and that was it.

so disappointing! i mean, i love the fact that we got some free stuff (and the showerheads are actually a major improvement over what we had) but the level of detail was sadly lacking. i'm thinking that maybe i just got stuck with a group of young kids who didn't want to be working on this lovely day and were just rushing through. i'm bummed!

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