eco-friendly attempt = oops!

i was working out in the garage about 10 days ago and noticed that the dryer, though unused, was still plugged in. knowing that appliances suck power even in their resting state, i unplugged it. i got a real blast of satisfaction from doing this, too. like driving a nail into a coffin or something.

fast forward to this morning.

jer: "when did you unplug the sprinklers?"
me: "i didn't unplug the sprinklers. why would i unplug the sprinklers?"
jer: "well, they're unplugged."
me: "i didn't do it."
jer: "well, the power cord to the sprinklers is sitting on the dryer."


me: "oh. the dryer."

so the sprinklers run on a timer, which i apparently unplugged in my haste to save energy. the lawns have had no water in 10 days... and now feel more than a little crunchy underfoot. but the good news is, they're not completely dead. and i think we can treat this as a learning situation, gauging just how little water they need to stay alive during the california drought. we've never really had lush lawns, anyway. at least not since they were first put in. i'm thinking that we can cut 2 days off of our watering schedule, after an initial week of heavier watering (resuscitation is kinda needed at this point). because really, it seems that no matter how much we water, the lawns just don't look that good.

we did let a small patch of lawn die this year. it wasn't on the sprinkler system and hand-watering proved ineffective. we're now looking into planting a clover lawn in that area next spring. clover supposedly needs minimal h20 and has a lush, pretty look. it's an aggressive perennial that chokes out weeds. best of all, there's no mowing required as clover only grows to 8 inches high. and how cute would it be to take lucy hunting for lucky 4-leafs? sweet.

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