dang. the cuteness got me...

i spent $27 on a diaper.


i bought a "muttaquin baby." also referred to as a "mutt." a trendy trend in the world of cloth diapering. as in, the owner stocks the online store on a specific day, at a specific time, and the cloth diaperers of the world crash the site trying to get their hands on these things. they get snatched up within hours. pure craziness.

i had the unfortunate luck of getting onto the site by accident, just after a crash. there were still a few diapers left. in cute girly prints. i got all frenzied. i had to buy one. i HAD to. nevermind that it's a fitted diaper and, in all it's cuteness, needs a cover over it in order to be effective. sucked in. i totally got sucked in. i have to get some willpower soon or we'll all be living under a bridge, using diapers to keep ourselves warm.

sorry, but lucy won't be wearing any pants today. she has her mutt on.

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Molly said...

I don't know if it's a GM or not, but I got caught up in a stocking frenzy myself last week! Ahhh, I'm so weak!