tried it: almost natural polish remover...

dang. why so big?

made by a company called no-miss, almost natural nail polish remover works without the use of acetone or ethyl acetate... harsh chemicals that make regular nail polish so stanky. it didn't blast off my 3-week old polish or anything, but it did get the job done (with a bit of good, old-fashioned rubbing). it's made with only 5 ingredients (all organic, one of which is distilled water). cutex gentle formula, on the other hand, has 18 ingredients (to be fair, water is listed as an ingredient here too). what i like most about this polish remover is that i didn't have to open a window to use it. this is a vegan product. i am not a vegan, but i do support the cause.

recommend it? yep. you can bet i'll be taking it with me to my next pedicure, too. if i ever find the time to paint my toenails, that is.

i found "almost natural" at elephant pharmacy. it's also available at whole foods. i think i paid around $6 for a 4oz. bottle.

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