second snag...

there's bugs on my laundry. not nice. first, a yellow jacket, looking more than a little disoriented, stumbled out of one of lucy's diapers while i was getting her dressed after bathtime. i hadn't put the diaper on yet... but i was reaching for it. the poor thing had probably been trapped in the diaper pile for a day or so.

then today, while taking diapers off of the line, a none-too-little spider crawled out from the "pocket" part of a diaper. yuck. i sure don't want any kind of bug biting my little girl's tush. i'm going to try spraying a teensy bit of raid where the clothesline attaches to the wall of the house, and the post that holds it up on the other side. it won't stop the flying bugs but at least it'll help with the creepers.

secondly, i won't leave the laundry out overnight again (hey... i have a 2 month old... time gets away). a diaper or sock must look pretty nice & snuggly for a bug looking for a place to bed down for the night.

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