it doesn't get much greener than camping...

we're off to go camping for a few days. there's a wonderful river about an hour & a half away from us, and we've got the group campsite rented out. should be a lot of people, sun & fun. we'll see how lucy does... here's to hoping she's as much of a nature girl as her mamma.

we're doing some things differently this year. for starters, no more costco flats of bottled water. (where we're going, you've got to bring your own h20... no running water at the campsites!) normally we bring at 2-3 cases of bottles. this year, we're filling up a 3 gallon container & 2 gallon-sized containers... if we run out we'll head up the road (it's not that remote of a location) and fill them up again. we've got cups and our canteens to drink from.

we're not bringing any paper towels! normally we go through about a roll a day. use them for cleaning, cooking, keeping bugs out of the food. this year i've brought along a stack of rags and a few washcloths. we'll see what my friends have to say about the inconvenience... we've become quite used to not relying so much on paper towels at home. grabbing a washrag or dishcloth is pretty much second nature now.

we're not bringing any plastic silverware. we actually donated what was left in our camping bin when we were going through everything for the trip. most of the plates that we're bringing are made of corn, and are biodegradable. in addition, we have a stack of paper plates left over from various superbowl parties & barbecues. once we're through with these, i'll invest in a stash of re-usable plates that we keep specifically for camping. i'm thinking bamboo instead of plastic.

i got 100% biodegradable shampoo & conditioner. i know that the best option would be not to bathe in the river at all... but we're going for 4 nights and a girl needs a good scrub here and there. last year, i used herbal essences, thinking that it was "natural" enough... so completely wrong. this year, i'm making sure that absolutely everything i put into the river is totally biodegradable. i've got enough for everyone else to use as well, so that no harsh chemicals will be going into the water, at least not on my watch.

wish me (& jer & lucy) luck! happy 4th!

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