we get a trader joes...

finally! and only 3 months behind schedule.

how is this eco-friendly? well, instead of driving 20 miles round trip to get my groceries, i'll be able to drive just 4. i do at least 90% of my food shopping at trader joes (a little less now that we've committed ourselves to the local farmer's market), and a brand-new store opens tomorrow in my 'hood. they sent out an announcement card inviting local residents to pop in and get a free reusable bag. i'll be there! we've needed milk for 2 days now but i've been putting it off so that i can shop at the new store. hope it's not too, too crowded. the store looks rather big, but the parking lot is teensy.

i told lucy about the tj's grand opening tomorrow. like most of us around these parts, she's over-the-top with excitement.

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