we had a very yummy dinner tonight. and, since lots of it was local, i thought i'd post. one the menu was...

trader joe's 'almost whole wheat' pizza dough, topped with:

zucchini from my parent's garden
tomatoes from my sister-in-law's garden
potato from the farmer's market
pesto and parmesean cheese (both from costco, sorry to disappoint).

we could have made our own pesto as we are growing basil in our own garden, but we had this already frozen & i wanted to use it up.

zucchini & potato were sliced paper thin, and sprinkled with salt. potatoes on pizza is something jeremy introduced me to, often topped with lots of fresh rosemary & black pepper. it's quite good.

anyway, pizza was accompanied by a side of fresh organic mixed greens (from farmer's market) drizzled w/ oil & balsamic vinegar. strawberry shortcake for dessert. organic strawberries were from the farmer's market too. and jer made the whipped cream. so much better than fake. and only 2 ingredients (heavy cream & sugar) as opposed to 9 (on the back of our reddi whip can).

i'm adoring the experience of getting our produce locally. the 3 of us (actually 4, cause we brought the dog along) hit up the farmer's market yesterday morning. stopped in at a bakery for coffee & doughnuts, ate at the park while the dog played, then headed over to get our fruit, veggies & bread for the week. apart from lucy wailing her head off for the last few minutes at the market, a good time was had by all. i, for one, felt really connected to the act of shopping, instead of just throwing random things into my cart. already looking forward to next weekend when we get to do it all over again!

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Anonymous said...

i made my first calzone last week with trader joe's pizza dough. after hearing you rave about the uses of their dough, i took a go at it and loved it!

was so easy. chopped some peppers, mushrooms, sausage and grated cheese.

thanks for the tip!