plastic cups blow. literally.

jer, lucy and i went to an outdoor barbecue this afternoon. lots of yummy food and drinks. as we were heading out the door on our way to the party, jer decided to bring along his sigg water bottle so that he wouldn't have to use a plastic cup for the beer keg. smart guy. it was windy at the park and those half-full cups were prone to blowing over. with his sigg, not a drop was lost.

we got our reusable water bottles about a month or so ago, and love them.

jer's sigg holds 32 ounces:

i have a 40 ounce klean kanteen:

lucy has a mini kean kanteen of her own, for when she starts on water and juice.

i personally prefer the klean kanteen because it has a wider mouth than the sigg... easier to clean, and you're able to toss a few ice cubes inside if needed. our aluminum canteens have replaced disposable plastic water bottles--we no longer buy them at all, despite the fact that they are recyclable. (by the way, 30 million water bottles hit american landfills every day). we also got rid of our reusable polycarbonate water bottles. with all the hype surrounding bisphenol-a (bpa) in plastics, i wanted to play it safe. plus, i found them awkward to drink from anyway.

a word of warning! since they're crafted from lightweight aluminum, these bottles do dent when they're dropped. for the perfectionists out there, neoprene canteen cozies are available (i guess they help insulate, too). personally i say a few dents add to the charm and go about my day. cheers!

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