when you can't scrub-a-dub...

i'm one of those people who uses hand sanitizer. i don't go overboard or anything, but i do like to use it after pumping gas, grocery shopping, etc. especially with having lucy around. when i'm out and about and need to feed her, i want to have clean hands. especially after changing a diaper. and there's not always access to soap & water. however, most hand sanitizers (and antibacterial soaps) contain triclosan, a chemical that "is often contaminated with dioxins, which are highly carcinogenic and can also weaken your immune system, decrease fertility and cause birth defects...") (taken from sophie uliano's gorgeously green). she puts anything with this ingredient in the "chuck immediately" category. while the particular brand that i was using (target brand) did not contain triclosan, it was alcohol-based and really drying. i wasn't aware that there were natural alternatives available until today.

i found something new! the brand is called "clean well," and it kills 99.99% of germies but contains no alcohol or triclosan. in fact, the active ingredient is thyme oil. there are a few other natural ingredients and only one i had to look up: dicapryl sodium sulfosussinate, which appears pretty safe as long as it's not ingested in large quantities.

anyway, this stuff comes in the cutest little spray bottle and it's not all noxious-smelling when used. the bottle i bought has 225 sprays (which is probably around 100 uses) and was $2.99 at elephant pharmacy.

and the company is located in san francisco. supporting local business = added bonus!

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amyellen13 said...

I use that stuff too! We found ours in Target, in the same aisle as all the alcohol based ones. I was also able to pick up a larger size that is still small enough for my purse.