tried it: kiss my face ultra moisturizer

specifically, the kiss my face obsessively natural lotion in honey & calendula. while this stuff smells really, really good, i have to say that it's a bit thick for my taste. very white and hard to rub in. i guess that's the "ultra" in "ultra moisturizer." this presents a problem when you've got a fussy baby on your hands (i'm going to pick you up in just a sec... i promise! okay, hang in there. a few more seconds...), but the thickness does seem to serve a purpose once the lotion finally gets all rubbed in. my skin has been just as smooth as it was with my old stuff. anyway, i picked my bottle up at elephant pharmacy. but it's also available on amazon in a 3-pack, as you can see from the image i stole below.

this stuff has zero parabens, no petrolatum, is made in the u.s.a. and is 100% biodegradable. the bottle is a #1 PETE so i can recycle it. swell. still, the ingredient list is pretty lengthy... lots of floral extracts and other natural sounding things, but some chemical-y sounding stuff too there at the very end of the list. i will definitely use up what i bought. but i might try something else when i'm ready to rebuy.

side note! jer & i celebrated 4 years of marriage today over buttermilk pancakes and a "farmer's scramble" at bette's oceanview diner on 4th street. yummy. lucy says we make a good pair. who are we to disagree with that?

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